4 Beaches Near KL That You Can Visit

4 Beaches Near KL That You Can Visit

Holidays are hard to come by these days because of the new norm everyone is trying to adapt to. However, if you're dying to take a short trip to the beach, there are a couple of beaches near KL that you can check out!

Saujana Beach, Port Dickson

Image Credits: My Malaxi

Port Dickson is a popular place surrounded by many famous beaches. Saujana Beach is known for its picnic spots and sunset viewing. It is also a good spot for water sports if you are into extreme water sports like jet-skiing, banana boat, and canoeing! You'll also be able to see a couple of campsites along the beach, families usually set up here to enjoy camping. 

Tanjung Tuan Beach, Port Dickson

Image Credits: The Regency Tanjung Tuan | Youtube

Another popular beach along Port Dickson area would be Tanjung Tuan Beach. People enjoy long walks along the beach and dense forest, very good combination of nature. At the end of the hidden pathway is a lighthouse called Cape Rachado Lighthouse, with an amazing view of the entire beach!

Puteri Beach, Melaka

Image Credits: Tempat Menarik

If you enjoy a quieter atmosphere, there is Puteri Beach down at Melaka. It is cleaner and much quieter than most local beaches. But don't worry, you'll be able to do water sports and also see locals picnic by the beach. 

Teluk Batik, Perak

Image Credits: Samad | Flickr

Teluk Batik is located slightly off a town called Lumut. It is the perfect location for families as the water is safe for swim and surf all-year round. There are pubs and eateries along the beach for you to enjoy as well! 


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