4 Active Lifestyle Tips During CMCO

4 Active Lifestyle Tips During CMCO

Since the MCO has been loosened to the CMCO, we figured that many people would be dying to get back in shape and returning to a more active lifestyle. Here are a couple of tips on how to rev up your engine again!

Take Your Time

If you weren't being active at home during the MCO, you should definitely start slow. You will want to start with workout programs/ sessions that lasts 5-10 minutes and gradually increase over time. Rushing yourself to go ham like "how you used to" will put you in a bad mental state when you cannot achieve what you could before, and also cause you to have medical conditions if you pumped up your workout too quick.

Resistance Training

Don't just stick to aerobic exercises, start doing resistance training and weight lifting to help strengthen your muscles and bones to improve your balance and coordination. Being enclosed indoors for a couple of months probably made you weaker so do consult a trainer to prevent injuries!


Another important tip is to stretch after every workout! Stretching helps improve flexibility and range of motion, which also helps to decrease risk of cramps and injuries. You'll be able to find out stretches through Youtube videos or online websites if you do not know any proper stretching techniques. 

Daily 30

You should definitely strive to workout at least 30 minutes daily, 3-10 minute sessions are just as good as a straight 30 minute workout. You could space out your daily workout like 10 minutes of jogging, 10 minutes of yoga, and 10 minutes of high-intensity workout throughout the day. Of course adding more time to workout is great too, but gradually increasing it is the key!


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