Activities You Can Start Doing Right Now

Activities You Can Start Doing Right Now

Are you still anxious about not being able to do your favourite activities during the partial lockdown? Well good news is you could probably already start doing most of them without you knowing! Here are a couple of activities that you may not know that is available for the public to do right now.

Indoor Climbing

To all the avid climbers, climbing gyms are all fully open and functioning! However most gyms have restrictions like wearing a mask in the gym, taking temperature, and also reservation per visit. Make sure you check your respective climbing gyms to find out the procedures before heading over for a climb!


Yes we mean hiking and not jogging around the park! Hiking became popular a couple of years back and was recently made available to the public again! Check out a couple of popular hiking spots across Malaysia and remember to keep a safe distance while hiking!


Gym junkies will be very delighted with this news, gyms have finally opened their doors to the public! Do remember to sanitize and social distance, and if you're at it wipe down the machines after you're done with it! Most gyms still limit the amount of people going in so do find out from your local gym about it!

Yoga/ Pilates Classes

Gone are the days where you need online yoga or pilates classes. You are now able to attend your local yoga and pilates sessions! However, limited amount of people will be allowed per class to continue social distancing. Namaste!


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