Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter

We at Ryada do not condone racism and would like to take a short moment to talk about what is happening around the world or specifically in America right now. As you all know and see #blacklivesmatter has been trending across multiple social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, with people sharing videos of injustice against African Americans or any black people living in America. The most recent case of George Floyd's murder by a Minneapolis cop has sparked rage among the community and caught worldwide's attention.

We are absolutely distraught at the sight of police brutality against him, landing a knee on his neck while he cried for help and that he couldn't breathe. Eventually, passing out and believed to have died at the scene itself. The police was recently charged with first degree murder, but many new cases of police brutality against black people in America has then surfaced on social media. 

In other news, our very own ex-Miss Universe Malaysia has sparked controversy when she started a discussion about black lives matter. A wave of backlash from her followers and fellow Malaysians have caused her to lose sponsorships, even Miss Universe Malaysia Organization has stripped her off her crown and title. Do keep in mind not to attack or harm her in any way, cyber-bullying is very real and you wouldn't want dirt on your hands when something happens. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, however remember that not all beliefs need to be shared publicly. 

During the Covid-19 mess, Chinese across the globe have also been attacked on the streets because the public believes they are contaminated and spreading the virus. The terrible sight of even old Asian people and Asians that are not even Chinese being harmed were heartbreaking.

In short, all of us back in Ryada believe in equality and pray that the situation in America improves for the better and that riots/ protesters stay safe from any dangerous situations. Do not be fooled by mainstream media and educate yourselves about the American black history and the oppression they have felt for centuries. 

#blacklivesmatter #neverforget #alllivesmatter

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