Clearance Sale Has Arrived!

Clearance Sale Has Arrived!

If you've read our previous article then you would know that we have just released our Clearance Sale! Head on over to our website and click on the Clearance section on the top bar to be able to start your shopping spree! So what is on the clearance sale rack at the moment?

Avaa Top

Our Avaa Top was created for a more advanced performance workout. The cooling effect of the sportswear is made with the help of the bamboo fabric that is added to make the product more stretchable and lightweight. There are extra coverage with long-line cut and full support from the panel up to shoulder. The original price is RM149 but right now you can get it at RM89.40! 

Aesya Top

Aesya offers extra soft and very light fabric with unique serpentine-pattern. It's designed to ensure comfort and flexibility during workout sessions. It comes in 3 different colours and is now on 40% discount! The original price is RM149 but right now you can get it at RM89.40! 

Pro Nayma & Pro Nayla

The Nayma and Nayla are slim-cut sportswear with warm layer fabrics that is perfect for high impact workouts. Ryada Pro is made with a soft cotton blend spacer fabric which makes it a perfect outfit for both indoor and outdoor workouts and casual wear; ideal use for morning and evening runs. The original price is RM159 but you can get it at RM95.40 right now!

Romp Pants

The Ryada Flexi Romp Pants is designed to maximize functionality of a fun and sporty lifestyle. This pants offers modern cargo cuts with lightweight and flexible features which you can fold over waistband, wide belt loops and adjustable bungee at hem with plastic bungee stopper. The original price is RM119 but you can now get it at RM71.40!

Skirt Pants

The Longlined-Cut Skirt Pants features a compressive skirt made with cooling fabric for breathable comfort during workouts, stitched together with long pants that is flexible for limitless movement. Suitable for a wide range of motion & high impact workouts. The original price is at RM169 but you can now get it for RM101.40!


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