Clearance Sale On The Way!

Clearance Sale On The Way!

Yes you saw it right, CLEARANCE SALE! We are still keeping it on a hush hush on when we will be releasing some of our older collections to the clearance pile. Continue reading to possibly find out what you could get our of this sale!


As our readers would know, we are working on a special new project to release refreshed pieces and new collections to suit our customers more. We have been gathering data from our survey to create activewear pieces that YOU would definitely love! If you haven't already done our survey, take 5 minutes of your time to fill it up! It would mean the world to us! Here's the link to our survey: .


How much discount will you be getting from this clearance sale? We're still contemplating on this, but you can expect up to 40% off all clearance items! Ryada might even gift you FREE SHIPPING when you purchase above a certain amount!


Get ready to click into our website around early August! Follow both our Facebook and Instagram to be updated on the dates, so you wouldn't miss out on your favourite items at a discounted price! Sizes are first come first serve so do get it as soon as you can!


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