Don't Scan Your Hand, Scan Your Forehead

Don't Scan Your Hand, Scan Your Forehead

The rise in cases lately has been very alarming. The Ministry of Health cannot stress any further about scanning our foreheads instead of the lazy way to scan the hand or arm. It is typically inaccurate to scan any other parts of the body other than the forehead, ear, mouth, rectum, and armpit.

If you see anyone doing a hand scan, do let them know the right way of doing it! A normal body temperature is within 36.5c to 37.5c, temperature higher than that will be considered a fever and should be taken precaution. We highly encourage everyone to continue social distancing, sanitizing your hands, and also wearing your mask in public areas to make sure cases don't further escalate. 

On another note, Google Maps has rolled out a new feature that shows Covid-19 cases. The new map layer can be found on the top right of the app, under Covid-19 Info. A week's average cases per 100,000 people in the area will show up on the map. Different colours show different severity of cases happening at that area. The data is collected from multiple sources like WHO and health ministries worldwide.


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