Easy Home Hobbies You Can Pick Up

Easy Home Hobbies You Can Pick Up

Being at home during the CMCO allows us to work on ourselves and discover new hobbies and activities that we can do in our free time. Here are a couple of simple ideas that you could possibly add into your list:

Bento Box

Image Credits: The Gate 12

Bento box crafting is really a work of art for Japanese, it also takes a lot of effort and time to build a beautiful box of food! While you have time on your hands right now and would like to learn something other than just cooking, bento boxes are the perfect fit! You could create cute characters, animals, or even shapes that inspire you with different fresh produce like vegetables, fruits, and meat. 

Bead Crafts

There are varieties of bead crafts that you could start of with, like necklaces, earrings, or even the current trend mask threads to hang your face mask around your neck! For a higher level bead craft, you can create things like dream catchers, animals which are fully made of beads, mini pouches or bags, etc. It is a really detailed hobby, but extremely satisfying when you get to the end result!

Cross Stitching 

Cross stitching has got to be the newest IT thing to do at home! You can purchase stitching kits that already come with the strings, embroidery cloth, and the embroidery hoop. You can really leave it to your imagination or get ideas on Pinterest. It is tedious and takes a lot of practice but you gain another cool skill to express yourself creatively!

Drink & Paint

We took this idea from KL's Sip & Paint, but it'll be way more satisfying to be able to paint in the comfort of your own home plus not drinking and driving. Another substitute for wine could be any other beverages you love, like coffee or even just a cup of milo! Painting is subjective, you can paint anything you want on a canvas and call that art. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! 


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