Easy Ways To Find Out If Your Mask Is Fake

Easy Ways To Find Out If Your Mask Is Fake

You'll always hear your friends or family members telling you to be extra careful while purchasing face masks at local stores or pharmacies, but how do you tell if the mask is fake? Here are 3 simple ways to make sure your face mask is genuine:

3 Layer Proof

You could try cutting the mask open to check the authenticity of the 3 layers. The blue layer on the outside should be non-woven and also water repellent. The middle white layer is a melt blown filter for the mask, while the third layer on the inside is a white and soft absorbent plus non-woven layer. The materials should not be able to tear apart easily if it is genuine. 

Blowing Test

Another simple way to check would be the breath test. A Singaporean medical doctor demonstrated blowing out a lighter while wearing the face mask on. A fake surgical mask would allow you to blow out the flame, whereas wearing an authentic mask would be impossible to blow out the lighter. 

Burning The Mask

Another test requires you to use a lighter to burn the mask. A fake mask will catch on fire and produce sparks because it is made of paper compounds, whereas the authentic face mask will melt as it is made of polythene and polypropylene.


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