Eco Friendly Sanitary Pads For Women

Eco Friendly Sanitary Pads For Women

As a way to save the earth and be more eco friendly, 4 companies have produced reusable sanitary pads to tackle wastage problem. Our Ryada staff has personally tried and is extremely satisfied with the change from usual sanitary pads to a reusable cotton pad. Let us introduce to you these amazing companies!

Cotton Mermaid

Image Credits: Cotton Mermaid

Cotton Mermaid's cloth sanitary pads are made from natural fibers like hemp, bamboo, and cotton. The pads are also designed with extra 5%-10% more than the intended size so shrinking wouldn't be an issue. Their Mermaid Pad Starter Kit comes with 4 sizes, S (260mm), M (315mm), L (365mm), and XL (400mm) for different flows during menstruation. The starter kit which consists of these 4 pads will cost RM118, which will save you a lot in the long run and also save the environment at the same time! Check them out at their website!

The Hive

Image Credits: The Hive Bulk Foods

The Hive is one of the more popular companies that practices zero wastage, selling products ranging from cleaning products to personal care and lifestyle products. Their reusable sanitary pads are one of their popular products that have been raved about by many returning customers. The pads are ideal for women with sensitive skin or those that have skin allergies. They are made of 100% premium quality microfabric followed by an outer layer of PUL waterproof shell which is eco-friendly and anti-bacterial. The pads come in 3 different sizes and a range of different patterns, so head on over to their website to check out their amazing products!

Athena Empowers

Image Credits: Athena Empowers | Facebook

Athena Empowers offers 4 different types of reusable pads, the pantyliner (15cm), the regular pad (20cm), the overnight pad (28cm), and extra long pad (33cm). They are non-allergic, safe from chemical gels, and easy to wash. All the pads except the extra long pads come in a range of 9 colours to choose from! Visit their website for more details!


Image Credits: Frangipani

Frangipani has a range of 4 different pads to suit your menstrual flow, pantyliner (3 per pack) (19cm), day pad (24cm), day pad plus (27cm), and night pad (30cm). By purchasing any of their organic pads, they will be gifting an Indian girl an Eco Femme pad through their Pad for Pad Program. Do check them out at their website to support their good cause!


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