Full Body Workout Routine You Could Do At Home

Full Body Workout Routine You Could Do At Home

Being healthy and trying to lose weight to look good shouldn't be a competition, especially during this pandemic. Everyone is sharing their home workout journey and progress on social media, causing most people to feel guilt and follow along the workout trend. We feel, everyone should be going on their own pace for whatever reason they want! So here are a couple of Blogilates home workout routines that you could try in your free time!

Weight Loss Tips from Blogilates' Cassey Ho | Shape

Image Credits: Shape Magazine

Yoga Stretching 

If you're an avid yogi or need to stretch out your body during this tense period, do check this routine out! Cassey Ho and her sister, Jackelyn does stretches to help viewers with the front split, but it is also a good stretch out for the body when you are stressed out or stiff. The video goes on for about 20 minutes so do take off some time to do some yoga stretches with them and loosen up your body!

Total Body Couch Workout

Yes you read that right, Couch Workout! You will be working out the entire body, your abs, legs, arms, booty! You would think that the workout will be easy breezy, but it will definitely make you sweat! A series of workout like lunges, Russian twist, and squats will be incorporated into the couch workout. If you're already on your couch, why not switch on your Youtube and start this fun and unique workout challenge!

Quick Full Body Workout

Always complaining about not having any time to workout? Well, this quick full body workout by Blogilates will help you tone out the entire body while also taking up only 12 minutes of your day! You can look forward to intense moves like heel lifts, star abs, squats, and many more. Grab your yoga mat and start sweating it out!

Extreme Abs Workout

This one goes out to fitness junkies! Cassey has a range of extreme workouts catered to certain body parts, this video in particular is 26 minutes long with a 25 minutes workout. You'll be working out your upper abs, lower abs, obliques, center abs, and also the entire core. Each exercise goes on for 45 seconds with a 10 second break in between. Get ready to get fired up for a round of burning abs challenge!


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