Games You Can Play With Your Friends in Quarantine

Games You Can Play With Your Friends in Quarantine

In case you have been reading the news about Malaysian Covid-19 news spiking again and decide to stay home and avoid the crowd, continue reading this article! Here are a couple of online games that you and your friends or family could play together from the comfort of your home.


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I don't think UNO needs an introduction as it is one of the most iconic card games for all ages! You can now play this online with 2-4 players! It is a game that could last from 10-20 minutes depending on how strategic or competitive you get. Check out the website to join in the fun!


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Scattergories is a game that could be played by 6 players or in 2 groups. If you love competitive vocabulary games, you're looking right at it! This game requires you to come up with appropriate answers to fit the category that is shown.

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Skribbl or Skribblio is a fun game of drawing and guessing. A private room can fit up to 12 players, so gather all your friends and showcase your best artwork while guessing what the right word is! It can get really rowdy up in here!

Cards Against Humanity

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Cards Against Humanity is also another game that is originally a physical card game, however the creators of Cards Against Humanity decided to bring it online! A room can fit up to 10 players, so just send your friend the pass code to your private room to start the game! The game can get a little vulgar so it is definitely not for children.


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