Get To Know Yourself Better

Get To Know Yourself Better

Not feeling yourself when stuck at home during the CMCO? Why not try to get to know yourself better with these fun little personality quizzes with your friends and family! These quizzes do not in any way depict who you are as a person, just giving you a gist of what personality type or group you might be similar to.

Myers Briggs Test

The Myres Briggs test might be one of the most popular quizzes to be taken in the world. It is used for scouting workers, employees within a company, relationships, and universities. While they may have some set backs with psychologists, most people believe the test to be helpful and accurate to some point. It reveals your weaknesses, strengths, type of person in a relationship/ how to make it work, type of person in a working environment, etc. At least 1.3 million people have done this test, so why not try it out and get to know yourself a little better! 

Adobe Creative Types

This Adobe Creative Type test is extremely satisfying and pleasing to start on! The visuals are not disappointing as well as the animation art for the entire test. This test was just released not too long ago so its existence is still fresh, but we recommend trying this out, it lets you understand your creative type and also personality along the way. It also allows you to find out which people you work best with, that brings out your talent the most! 

123 Personality Test

The 123 Personality test includes 120 statements which requires you to answer truthfully to receive the most accurate outcome. This test is also known as the Big Five Personality Test which is the most scientifically validated and reliable psychological model to measure personality. It helps you in choosing a career and lets you know about your strengths!

Love Languages

This Love Language quiz is separated into 4 different profiles, pick the one that suits you the best at your current state. Everyone has their preference on how they would like to be loved or how they love someone, this is the exact test that allows your partner and even yourself to know your needs in a relationship. There are 5 love languages that you will be tested on which is Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.


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