How Do You Show Your Malaysian Patriotism?

How Do You Show Your Malaysian Patriotism?

Our Malaysian Merdeka Day is coming up in a couple of day! What will you be doing for Malaysia to celebrate this historical yet proud day for all Malaysians? Here are a couple of ideas to show your patriotism for your beloved country:

Put Up the Malaysian Flag

As cliche as it sounds, be proud of your country and put up Malaysian flags all over! It could be on your balcony, your car, or even just wear a T-shirt with the flag on it! It shows how proud and confident you are in Malaysia.

Visit Cultural Sites

Malaysia is filled with history and what a great time to visit historical sites that made Malaysia the country it is today! Landmarks like Dataran Merdeka or if you are in other states, Melaka and Penang Island also has historical sites.

Sing the Merdeka Theme Song

Try memorizing the Merdeka theme song and teach the younger generations the lyrics and song! It can be a fun way to bond with older and younger generation. Songs can connect people and also build stronger bonds between all cultures.

Celebrate Diversity

Malaysia is colourful in diversity and Merdeka celebrates unity among all races in the country. Go hang out with your friends from all races and ethnicity to celebrate this glorious day!


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