How to Manage Stress at Home

How to Manage Stress at Home

Everyone keeps telling you that you need to de-stress at home and not to push yourself too hard, especially now that most of us are working from home. But how? What are few ways you can do to relax and de-stress yourself?


Meditation has been around for so long but not many have gotten into the habit of sitting down in a quiet room, lighting up incense or a candle, and just meditate. If you don't know how to start meditation, there are a couple of website or mobile apps that help kickstart daily meditation. This home activity is very much encouraged to help you de-stress!

Read Books

You don't need to read a book that is too deep or difficult to understand, just a light novel or something you enjoy flipping through like a magazine could also help! As long as it takes your mind off this stressful pandemic. Brew yourself a cup or tea or coffee to pair it with your reading would also be nice to de-stress.

Take a Long Bath

This also means to put down your phone and disconnect from social media for a while. Social media can be extremely toxic and also stressful to look at when people are busy flaunting what they are doing or what they have, so take some time off social media and just take a long hot bath with a cute bath bomb from Lush!


Yoga can get really intense depending on what sort of level you choose to do. We think that the basic stretches and quiet moves may help you de-stress and possibly have fun doing! There are a couple of yogi on Youtube that you could watch and follow to make sure you don't hurt yourself doing the wrong move.


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