Important Dates in June You Should Know

Important Dates in June You Should Know

It is already the middle of the year and we can't believe it! Let us help remind you of some important days that are listed in June to educate yourself. In a blink of an eye, half a year has already gone by so let's get proactive in achieving some self goals for the next few months!

1st June - Global Parents Day

We as Malaysians may not know this but the 1st of June is the Global Parents Day across the world to celebrate and honor parents for their selfless love and support towards their children. 

3rd June - World Bicycle Day

The General assembly of UN announced this day to be celebrated and recognize bicycles as a transportation that is environmentally friendly and also helping one to keep fit. Especially during the CMCO period that we are facing, cycling is definitely more appreciated as a form of workout that we can be doing while maintaining social distancing. 

5th June - World Environment Day

In the recent years, World Environment Day has been highly notable to create awareness in protecting our environment around us. There are a lot that we as humans can contribute to protect the environment.

8th June - World Ocean Day

This day is very similar to World Environment Day, which is celebrated to create awareness regarding the conservation of oceans and aquatic life to prevent water pollution.

12th June - World Day Against Child Labour

12th of June is another day to create awareness about a heinous crime that happens across the globe. It is a major crime that raises a lot of concerns and we should all be aware of. 

15th June - World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

To educate the young minds about elder wellbeing, June 15th has been labelled as the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. The UN acknowledged this day as an important one whereby programmes are created to raise awareness and prevent elder abuse.

21st June - Father's Day

Every third Sunday of June is Father's Day, a day where children celebrate and appreciate their father's relentless support and selfless love. Treat your dad to something special!

21st June - International Yoga Day

Another popular celebration that shares the same date as Father's Day is the International Yoga Day! It is a day that is celebrated to raise awareness of the inclusion of Yoga in our daily lives. Bust out your yoga mats and Namaste! 

26th June - International Day Against Drug Abuse, Illicit Trafficking, and Support Victims of Torture 

The International Day Against Drug Abuse was created by the UN to promote a drug-free society while also promoting another cause which is the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture relating to punishment and inhumane treatment. 


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