Let's Be More Responsible

Let's Be More Responsible

Covid-19 cases in Malaysia are slowly starting to spike up again and both government and Malaysians are panicking from this unfortunate news. The government plans to start fining RM1,000 to people who do not wear masks in public spaces to prevent spreading of the disease. 

There is also news about reinforcing the MCO again if the number of cases reach three-digits again. We plead everyone to continue to follow social distancing rules, wear a mask whenever you are out in public, and also sanitize regularly. All of us have this responsibility to take on together if we want to continue being able to go outdoors and continue our "new" regular lives.

If you see a friend or family member not complying the mask rule or not social distancing, do let them know and educate them. Malaysians are known to know when to rise up and band together, so let us once again join hands (not literally) to curb this disease while the cure has yet to be found. 

If you want to know how to use medical grade masks or even fabric/reusable masks, do check out our previous blog post for more information from the World Health Organization!

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