Let's Be Respectable

Let's Be Respectable

It has came to our attention that a lot of restaurants, cafes, and businesses have been getting fired at by the public because of the new SOP guidelines that they have to follow. If not followed, the business will risk being closed down or fined, as well as customers being fined RM1000 per person!

MyBurgerLab recently posted about customers being rude to their staff for not allowing their families to sit together or wearing masks within the restaurant premises. A couple of other businesses had also gotten a lot of negative comments on the new guidelines that they have to follow.

Image Credits: Channel News Asia

We believe that everyone is still trying to adjust to SOPs that the government has listed out for F&B businesses and also to please customers at the same time. It isn't hard to follow instructions and just work together to make the "new norm" easier for everyone. F&B staffs are doing what they can to give customers a comfortable eating environment while keeping their own employees safe.

Let's all stand together and band against negative customers and support all our local businesses! If you are not there to respect someone's business SOP, then stay home and eat. We need to be more understanding and also educated on all the SOPs from the government before lashing out on restaurant staffs. 

Let us be more respectable and understanding for everyone's sake!

Here are a couple of SOP that food businesses will have to follow:

- Having MySejahtera app or SeLangkah app available at all businesses (compulsory for contact-tracing).

- Face masks to be worn in public areas or get fined RM1000 to those who don't comply.

- No limit to the amount of people sitting at a table but with social distancing practices.


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