Lets Talk About CMCO 2.0

Lets Talk About CMCO 2.0

Today marks the 3rd day of the CMCO 2.0 due to the rising cases of COVID-19 in Malaysia. Many of you may know that the source of the cases came from the Sabah elections that was held not too long ago and due to the Sabah cluster, those that returned from Sabah had brought back COVID-19 along with them and it has spread across Peninsular Malaysia. 

Lets talk about it.

Many had cursed the politicians for allowing this to happen, knowing that there will be a cluster of people who will not practice proper social distancing. However, not many people realized that the blame comes from us as well.

Let us explain why.

With the elections over, many had foreseen what was to come when individuals made their return back to Peninsular Malaysia, but many still took it lightly and did not partake in the proper SOPs as well. Some returning individuals did not practice self-quarantine, others who weren't involved in the elections did not partake in proper SOPs due to the fact that number of cases were depleting in the beginning. Many are still going out, many are still not wearing their masks properly, many forgotten or neglected sanitizing their hands, many are still not practicing social distancing, and here is why. We are very laid-back.

Lets not forget that the fight of COVID-19 is still not over, yet. A vaccine is still yet to be found for this and many people had suffered because of this pandemic. Death tolls are rising, people are losing jobs, the economy is volatile. We cannot neglect this any further.

Our front-liners are doing their best to keep everything at bay, but there is so much that they can do. We cannot allow the front-liners to combat alone in all this and to be blamed for not doing a good job, we as citizens of Malaysia, should do our part as well.

What can we do?

Practice SOPs. A simple task that many neglect, but so powerful in its own way that it can help reduce the number of cases. By practicing the standard operating procedures such as maintaining social distances, sanitizing your hands, using your mySejahtera app to check-in, avoiding red zones, self-quarantines and many more, we too, can help reduce the number of cases in COVID-19.


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