Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Quarantined Moms

Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Quarantined Moms

This year, Mother's Day will be a little bit different because of the MCO and being quarantined at home. We are limited with ideas and choices of gifts but this opens up other doors to other presents that probably didn't cross your mind! 


Yoga Mats + Yoga Mat Sprays

Yoga mats are ultimately used for yoga but you could also use it for different kind of workouts throughout the MCO. It helps protect your back and knees when you're doing workout moves like candle stick dipper, women's push up, or leg raises. Get your mom a good quality and thick yoga mat for her daily exercises! What's more, brands like LIVLOLA are selling anti bacterial cleaning sprays for yoga mats. It could come useful especially if you use the mat regularly! 

Baking Tools

We found out that yeast and many other baking ingredients are selling out fast in supermarkets! Get on the bandwagon and purchase a whole set of baking tools to bake with your mother or gift her the set if she's keen to start baking. Staying home every day will spark interest in new hobbies or old hobbies so this gift idea is definitely one to think about! You can get tools and ingredients online at Malaysia Bakery and Pastry Pro or check out Shopee and Lazada for cheaper options!

Skin Care 

It may not strike you as something you will need to gift a mom because they are always on top of their skin care routine, but since being stuck at home their supply on their favourite skin care brands may run low! Online stores like Hermo, Althea, and Body Shop are doing massive sales and free shipping if you are currently looking to get care packages for your mother. Let her pamper herself in this stressful MCO period, the best time to relax and focus on self care!

Fancy Home Dinner

Who says you can't treat your mom to a great meal if you are quarantined at home? Fancy dinner places are also doing food delivery/ pick ups right now! You could check out Butcher's Table, Champignons, Skillet @ 163, Maria's Steakcafe, and many more! You could decorate the dining area and serve high class meals at the comfort of your home.

Women's Activewear

Just like the yoga mat gift idea, we figured that most people are trying to workout as much as they can at home to compensate their usual outdoor activities. Why not treat your mom to good quality and comfortable activewear to workout in? We at Ryada Activewear will be doing Quiz Month for anyone to win 50% off anything in our online store. Not only that if you missed out on that, you'll be able to get 40% off everything during our Mother's Day sale which will be announced soon! 


Let us know which gift idea sparked your interest and what are your plans for this year's Mother's Day? Follow us on all our social media and get updated with all sorts of promotions, sales, and events along the way!

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