October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Pinktober! If you didn't know, breast cancer awareness month has just begun! What is there to know about Pink October? Is there any way you can help? We'll let you know all about it below: 


This annual campaign has been serving women all over the world that needs screening, access, and treatment. With you donating, you'll be helping women in need! Click into this link to donate to your preferred location to be donated to, and also to educate yourself on breast cancer. 


You can virtually support in Helping Women Now and by spreading the word through social media for more volunteers! Volunteering at local charities that supports the cause would also be a big help! If you're a proud breast cancer survivor, tell your story and share with other women. This can help so many women that are in the same situation you were in!  

Detecting Breast Cancer at Home

If you would like to perform breast self-exam, here are a couple of tips you should do and look out for. This can be done in the shower, in front of the mirror, or also lying down. While in the shower, raise the same side of your arm as to your breast and use your other hand to press down with light to medium pressure. Check for both sides if there are any lumps, hardened knot, or any breast changes. In front of the mirror would be more visually checked, raising your arms overhead to check for any swelling, dimpling of the skin, or even changes on the nipple area. Your breast tissue is usually spread out evenly when lying down, so place a pillow below your shoulder and have that arm rest behind your head. With the same steps, feel for any lumps, discharge, or changes in the breasts. 


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