Ryada Needs Your Feedback!

Ryada Needs Your Feedback!

We apologize for constantly promoting our Ryada Survey, but we can assure you that all data collected will be put to use to creating better products according to our customers' needs! So just a kind reminder to click on the link below to get directed over to our survey.

Designs & Colours

We are definitely striving to work out better designs that would fit our customers needs, as well as the functionality of the clothing. With your feedback and comments we could create the perfect sportswear piece that would be able to help with your training/ workout performance. As for colours, we are so excited to see what kind of colours you would like us to try out for our new collection, whether its monochrome, neon, neutral, or pastel!


We want to hear your concerns about our product pricing so that we could cater for majority of our customers. However, as quality does tie in with paying for better fabric do take into consideration that high quality items do require us to charge accordingly. To tackle this problem, we could come up with set items that would be more affordable to purchase altogether than single piece items.


To satisfy our customers, we also want to hear about what you have to say about our current clothing quality. Whether we should continue to have our current quality or upgrade it to better fabrics, do let us know in the survey form!

The link to our survey is https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GTMTRHZ ! It will only take you 5 minutes to complete the survey, so do help us to help understand our customers better. 



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