Ryada x Cap Barbell

Ryada x Cap Barbell

Exciting news this Fitober! From 1st October onwards till the end of the year, Cap Barbell will be collaborating with Ryada to bring amazing deals for our customers! Collect vouchers to be used at checkout to get discount off your Cap Barbell workout equipment and Ryada activewear!

On Cap Barbell's website, use code CAPBRYADA to get 15% off when you spend RM50 and above. While on Ryada's website, use code RYADA20 to get 20% off sitewide with no minimum purchase needed!

We figured that since it's almost the end of the year, everyone is striving to reach a certain workout goal for 2021. So, what better way than purchase your own workout equipment and activewear to achieve it! Especially when cases are going up, going to a gym is risky and troublesome. Working out at home would be ideal!


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