Save Time by Using E-Consignment Notes at Pos Malaysia

Save Time by Using E-Consignment Notes at Pos Malaysia

Have you ever waited at a post office over an hour just to deal at the counter for another half an hour? Now you can save time while handing in your parcels at Pos Malaysia! Continue reading to find out how:

You will no longer need to fill in consignment notes at the post office, just download the Pos Malaysia app to fill it in wherever you are! This helps you save time whenever you have to drop off bulk deliveries off. This effort also allows customers to track their shipments easily and keep track of past transactions. 

Image Credits: Google Play

The app is available on both Google Play Store and the App Store. All you have to do is download the app and click on "New Consignment" at the homepage. Just like the manual consignment note, fill in the name, address, and phone number. To get an estimated price on your parcels, fill in the total weight and content description. 

Finally, you will receive a summary of the parcel details along with a QR code and reference number. At the post office, you'll have a designated printer to scan the QR code provided for you. Print the e-consignment note label and stick it onto your parcel before paying at the counter. 

The service was made available since 17th August at selected Pos Malaysia branches so do check on the outlets before making your way over!


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