Self Care Checklist For MCO Extension

Self Care Checklist For MCO Extension

The government has yet again decided to extend the MCO for 2 more weeks till the 12th of May, so while staying indoors for a longer period why not pamper yourself to some of these neat self care tips!


Think of meditation as a detox to improve your mind, heart, and body. You could sit in silence and meditate on your own or use a meditation app/ find one online to listen to and practice with. It is extremely satisfying and allows you to walk out feeling refreshed and brand new!


Journaling may not be for everyone, especially those that require a lot of creativity and writing. However, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to write a long diary about your day or a memory in the past. You could use a small notepad and jot down daily checklists on what you should be accomplishing each day to keep yourself motivated. It only takes a few minutes but it definitely helps to organize your day and let you know what you have accomplished within the day!

Digital Detox

When we're spending more time at home and away from socializing with others we tend to stick to social media and glue ourselves to our computers. Give yourself a break from using your phone, devices, and computer for a couple of hours a day. You'll be surprised at how much free time you actually have to do something productive!

Meal Planning

While you can't freely roam supermarkets or wet markets at this crucial time, meal planning would come in handy! You could also start healthy eating and a better diet when you plan out what you will be consuming throughout the day. Find online meal preps that fits your palate and try doing it for a week!

Declutter/ Reorganize

Look for chores to do around the house like rearranging furniture, wiping down the windows that you've neglected before the MCO, clear out clothes from your wardrobe that you're not going to wear again, cleaning out the fridge, etc. It is so rewarding to see a clean and organized house, we highly recommend doing this!

Read/ Podcasts

Books are very underrated these days, and we don't mean just physical books even online books are not very popular nowadays. Take some time off social media and actually sit back to read a book. If you're too laid back for a book, listen to an audio book or podcast while you do mundane things around the house. 

Workout Routine

Create your very own workout routine, or if you already have one even before the MCO, stick to it! However if you need help creating a routine, follow fitness Youtubers or Instagrammers that curates workout regimes that you can do on a daily basis! It helps keep you fit and healthy despite being indoors!


Let us know what you have been doing to pamper yourself during the MCO! Do follow all our social media to keep updated with our online activewear, deals and promotions, and events!

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