Shop At Less Crowded Supermarkets With This App

Shop At Less Crowded Supermarkets With This App

The crowds at supermarkets aren't as bad as the start of MCO but doesn't it feel better skipping the huge crowd and just concentrate on getting your groceries? Good Day partnered with Waze to help shoppers know which supermarket is less crowded on the Waze app!

You'll need to download Waze and on the map you should be able to see a Goodday pin which will indicate which supermarkets are less crowded during that time. 

When you search on supermarkets or hypermarkets, Waze will identify which outlets are less crowded from the set radius around your location. The service is currently only available within the Klang Valley area.

We believe this is a very good effort to adapt to the new norm. Social distancing in a supermarket or hypermarket can be pretty tough, especially when the aisles get busy. Now you can shop all your essentials without worrying about your safety!

All you have to do now is pay attention to the Goodday pins on the map!


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