Stay At Home Hobbies You Can Start

Stay At Home Hobbies You Can Start

During this long stretch of free time you have at home, why not start something new or something you've always wanted to try but never had the time to do so? Here's a list of fun, interesting, and simple hobbies you could look up on and try out yourself or with family!

Leather Goods Crafting

TYDE is a handcrafted leather goods brand which is made in Malaysia. I know it sounds surprising to introduce a leather goods site in the midst of a hobby blog post, but TYDE Goods recently added a DIY Kit to their website: ! In this kit, they have prepared all the materials and tools that you will need to make simple and small leather goods. This is made for beginners and those who have minimal experience in making leather goods. They have video instructions, pre-cut materials, and also pre-punched holes on the leather material for easy handling! There are 3 different DIY Kits you can purchase, ranging from a Leather Flap Double Pen Holder, Minimal Card Holder, and an Easy Pulling Key Organizer. Go check them out if you're interested!

Crafting Candles

OiLilin was advertising their Candle & Kit Set , allowing customers to purchase a DIY kit to craft their own candles while also owning one of their own pre-made candle as well! If you're only interested in the kit, you'll be able to purchase it on its own. One kit alone could craft 3 scented candles which includes fragrant powder to create the wax, 3 cotton wicks, 3 wick holders, and a measuring spoon. There's a range of 5 different scents for you to pick out of the DIY Kits! If you've always wanted to learn how to make your own scented candle, do try this out!

Making Terrariums

If you've always had a green thumb or interest in plants, why not try creating your very own terrarium at home! For first time plant owner it is also really handy, as it is low-maintenance, easy-to-make, and also needs minimal water to survive. The terrarium starter kit will include a glass jar, rocks/ gravels, activated charcoal/ biochar, potting soil, polished rocks/ coloured gravel, decorative items, cactus/ succulents, a scoop, gloves, and an instruction guide. You could get the starter kit here or on Shopee. It's a fun way to teach kids about botany and the eco-system, while it's a fun hobby to work on at home!


Journaling has been a trending hobby recently and it doesn't seem to be dying down any time soon! Get on the bandwagon and start journaling your day to day experiences or show off your artsy skills in a cute leather notebook. It's a way to self-express, as well as hone your creativity! Some journaling kits even let you start from scratch by binding your own book! Here's a simple Journaling Pack on Etsy that you could start with . It comes with vintage dictionary pages, vintage novel pages, old children's annuals or book pages/ cuttings, antique/ vintage sheet music paper, illustrated reference book pages, vintage magazine/ newspaper pages/sections, colour and black & white book pictures, atlas, map pages and segments, puzzle pages, and many other decorative! You'll also be able to purchase journaling books from Stickerrific !


Let us know which of these have you tried and which you would like to try out during the MCO!

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