Struggles Hijabis Face During A Workout

Struggles Hijabis Face During A Workout

Wearing a Hijab on a daily basis may be as easy as breathing for you right now, but when it comes to working out, a.k.a running and cardio, hijabs can be a hassle. Continue reading and let us know if you relate to these too!

Safety Reasons

In reality Hijabis face more than just wardrobe malfunction, women of colour who wears religious garments would aggravate people of certain groups and run into some difficulties. 

Cleaning Hijabs

You can only re-wear your hijab out so many times before you actually need to throw it in for a wash. Usually you would dedicate a certain hijab for workout and what do you do when you've thrown it in for washing and you feel like working out that same day? The wait is long and cold...and unglamorous.

Workout Hijabs

Back then there were no such thing as workout hijabs, only the ones you wear on he daily which are made of material that are not great for sweating and/or one of many pins falls loose, leaving you to accidentally stab yourself a couple of times to fix it back up.


Lucky thing Ryada offers sports hijabs which comes in 4 different colours to match whatever outfit you choose for the day! The breathable material allows you to feel cool on the inside and also moisture does not get trapped on the fabric to avoid feeling cold when you cool down. The edgy and simplicity of the sports hijabs caters to all walks of ages! 

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