Things You Could Do To Prevent Catching COVID-19

Things You Could Do To Prevent Catching COVID-19

We have all heard of the COVID-19 virus all over the news and social media these days. Up till today there has been 1306 cases in Malaysia, and it is increasing by the day if we do not take action to prevent the virus from spreading any further. Here are some tips on how to avoid catching the COVID-19 virus!

Stay At Home

Ultimately this is one of the most important tip for everyone, meeting in groups or going outdoors puts a risk to your life and to everyone around you. It helps the virus spread even quicker and increases the cases of COVID-19. Think of this in a positive light, you could work on yourself with new hobbies, catch up with movies and series that you've always wanted to watch, catch up on lost sleep, and work on your relationship with your loved ones! 

Wash Your Hands Frequently

When we say wash your hands frequently, we also mean thoroughly. Make sure to wash between the fingers and the finger nails! It is also advised to scrub for at least 20 seconds to avoid any bacteria latching onto your skin.

Sanitize Your Personal Space

While keeping yourself clean should be prioritized, you should also keep your personal space spotless. Objects that you touch on the daily should be sanitized and wiped down frequently, like doorknobs/ handles, laptop/ keyboard, phone, and keys. Do remember to wipe down your tables as well to keep the space squeaky clean!

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated will help your immune system battle against any illnesses. It washes away toxins in your system and on a plus side it keeps your skin looking healthy! It might not help kill the COVID-19 viruses, but it will prevent you from getting sick during this alarming period!

Wear A Mask 

If there is a need for you to head outdoors to buy groceries or need medical attention, it is advised to put on a mask. While it may not 100% protect you from the virus, it can protect others from possibly catching it (if you are sick or not knowing that you caught the virus).

Stay Fit 

To fight of any illness, you'll need a healthy and fit body! While you may not be able to workout outdoors or head to a gym, working out at home may be sufficient to keep fit. Get your blood pumping and sweat out during this quarantine period!

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