Things You'll Miss Working From Home

Things You'll Miss Working From Home

In the beginning of the MCO, everyone was skeptical about working from home and how it would affect your performance and productivity. However, now that we are slowly moving back into working at the office again everyone seems to be missing the "work from home life"! 

Waking Up Later

Before the pandemic, we would have to wake up early to get to work. The traffic to work would be terrible and a hassle to go through every morning, even the jam back home! Having to work from home, we could wake up on the dot and grab a coffee while we get started with work. Don't you miss this?

Short Breaks Whenever You Need

Some work places allow breaks in between, like lunch breaks and also a short smoke break if needed. Being home is like having endless snack breaks, TV breaks, tea breaks, and so on. You could section out work hours and resting time based on how busy work is for the day.

Comfy Clothes

Other than waking up on the dot, you don't even have to change out of your pajamas! You could roam around your house in pjs and not feel uncomfortable in heels or formal clothing. Comfy loose clothes are always the best!

Spending Less 

For most people, eating out or having food delivery to the office is very common. We tend to spend a lot when we work at the office. Not only food wise, but petrol, toll, or even public transport fees! When you're working from home, you could cook or have leftovers to eat!



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