Thrift Flip Your Old Clothes and Thrifted Clothes

Thrift Flip Your Old Clothes and Thrifted Clothes

What's a thrift flip you ask? Thrift flipping is an act of transforming an old piece of clothing into a whole new design! You could do it with your old clothing in your closet or head on over to a thrift shop to pick up a couple of pieces you think you could work with. Check out a couple of these Youtubers that successfully thrift flipped old clothing to really cute designs!

Best Dressed


Image Credits: Best Dressed | Youtube

Ashley, aka Best Dressed is extremely popular for thrifting, thrift flipping, vlogs, and also fashion related videos! The cute outfits she managed to flip over from old tattered clothing is just amazing. You'll be absolutely drawn to her cute edits and funny personality in all of her videos. If you're into the vintage and chic kind of style, definitely check her out!


Image Credits: JENerationDIY | Youtube

Jennifer, aka JENerationDIY is also a popular thrift flip channel. She does a lot of DIY videos, thrifting, and thrift flip videos that you might be able to learn a trick or two for your own clothing! Her style differs from Best Dressed, more towards trendy and hip clothing you could see in-store right now. Check out her channel right now!

Rachel Gania

Image Credits: Rachel Gania | Youtube

If you're just like me, really bad at instructions and mostly sewing, definitely check Rachel out! She does step by step flipping techniques with very clear instructions and not to mention, very cute styles! Her follower count may not be as big as the first 2 channels, but she does very creative vlogs, thrift hauls, and of course thrift flip videos for you to indulge in.

Caitlin Kleineberg

Image Credits: Caitlin Kleineberg | Youtube

Just like Rachel, Caitlin's subscriber count is not as big as the first 2 channels but one of her thrift flip videos which she features Reformation inspired styles caught a lot of people's attention. She maps out her thought process pretty well and the end results are always really stunning!


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