Tips For Dry Skin You Could Do Daily

Tips For Dry Skin You Could Do Daily

Dry skin is or having combination type skin can get really irritating, especially when it gets itchy or flakey on the skin! The best way to treat it is to look for a dermatologist or a doctor if it's related to your health, but here are a couple of easy tips you could do daily to help with dry skin: 

Drink Loads of Water

This is the simplest and most obvious tip, drinking more water can keep your body and skin hydrated throughout the day. Having foods with high water content can also have the same effect on your skin! Also another mini tip to drinking more water is to keep a larger bottle with you at all times, especially when studying or working.

Shower with Warm Water

Many don't know that showering with hot water rather than lukewarm water is very damaging to the skin. You are actually stripping your skin off natural oils and hence drying out the skin. Try showering with warm water instead and also using more moisturizing bath soaps to keep the skin from flaking!

Moisturize after Shower

Although this is also an obvious step, many forget to put on lotion or moisturizer after a shower. Allow your skin to soak up all the moisture from the lotion when your skin is still slightly damp from the shower.

Use a Humidifier 

If you're constantly indoors with the air conditioner on, chances are that your skin will get very dry. A counter action you could do to bring back moisture into the room is to place a humidifier there too! Adding in certain essential oils into the humidifier can help with your mood, stress levels, and also breathing. 

Intake more Omega 3 Fats

Diet takes a very important role for your skin! Consuming more healthy omega 3 fats like avocado, salmon, and nuts can help maintain moisture in your body. Cut down on coffee and alcohol if you're feeling too dehydrated as well!


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