Tips To Avoid Getting Mask Acne

Tips To Avoid Getting Mask Acne

Now that wearing a mask is the new "normal", we go through some rather annoying problems while wearing a mask on the daily. We know you relate to this too, acne! Acne is starting to appear every time we put on a mask to the public, so how do we combat this pesky problem?

Change Mask Regularly

If you don't use cloth masks or reusable masks, remember to always change out your disposable masks and not to re-wear them more than twice! Bacteria builds on the mask from all the dust, sweat, and dirt when you go outdoors, that's how acne starts to appear on your skin.

Wash Mask Regularly

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So if you don't use disposable masks and opted to use cloth masks, you have to disinfect and wash them regularly! Cloth absorbs sweat and gunk easily, that's how germs linger and accumulate on your skin. Get a couple more cloth masks so that you could allow your washed mask to dry while you put on a clean new mask.

Moisturize Your Skin

Hydrate your skin to avoid friction and chafing of the skin from wearing a mask. Look for moisturizers that include ingredients like glycerin and non-comedogenic oils to keep your skin rejuvenated and hydrated!

Don't Pick on the Pimples 

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It can be hard to stop your hands from picking on these annoying pimples, but try your best to stop that urge. Picking on your acne is harmful to the skin and can cause inflammation and scarring. So keep your hands off your face!


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