Tips to Controlling Food Portion

Tips to Controlling Food Portion

Personally not a dietitian, but honestly if there was an easier way to cut down on all those calories and fat I would definitely share them out! Here are a couple of ways you could do to eat less, but stay healthy in the process of doing so. 

Shrink Your Plate

Rather than eat on your usual plate which could probably fit more food than you actually need to consume, change it up with a salad plate or a smaller plate to start with. It'll help you portion out your food much less than you usually do without feeling like you're forcing yourself. It will slowly and unconsciously settle you in for less food per meal!

Eat Less but Eat More

Cut down on sugar, fats, and food with high amount of salt could ultimately help you lose weight as well as be more healthier. Limit the amount of fast food and refined grain products like white bread to help with the process! This doesn't mean eating less, substitute those unhealthy food with lean proteins and seafood like fish instead of fat-laden meats, use olive oil and canola oil instead of margarine or butter which has high amount of solid fats, and lastly have more whole grains instead of cereals or bread that are made of refined grains. 

Eating Out Tips

Eating out can result into overeating, but not to worry we have the perfect solution for dining out! You could opt to order a half portion or if the restaurant only has full sized meals, opt to take away the other half to bring home. If you're dining with friends or your significant other, you could share full-sized meals to cut down on the portion. 

Pizza Party

Pizza is an example of a food filled with refined grains, saturated fat & solid fat, and calories. However, you could still eat your favourite food in a healthier way by portioning out your pizza and changing the toppings. Try using whole grains for a thin crust on your pizza, replace meat toppings with vegetables, reduce the amount of cheese, and portion out slices for your meal. 

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