Top 5 Workout Channels to follow!

Top 5 Workout Channels to follow!

Nowadays the new norm has forced us to adapt to the new environment and everybody has looked into home workouts as an alternative. However, for those who are used to working out in the gym with their usual routines and equipment they use in the gym, how would they go about with their workout plans? What kind of exercises are out there that is effective without the use of workout equipment? Look no further, we have  the solution for you! You can search up workout videos on YouTube and you will be able to find many fitness influencers. From what we found, here are our top  workout channels to follow:-

1) Womens Workout Channel

2) Madfit

3) Chloe Ting

4) Pamela Reif

5) Fitness Blender

Not only you can find indoor fitness workouts for beginners, but you can find cooking recipes for healthy diets from these fitness influencers! Let us know what you think about it and post your workout videos on your stories while rocking our Ryada outfits!

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