Unconventional Sports You Should Try

Unconventional Sports You Should Try

If you're not into the conventional badminton, football, or basketball, why not try a couple of new sports that may spark your interest in sports and fitness!


Kickboxing is a high-intensity cardio sport that lets you engage almost every muscle in your body. It could help burn calories and work on your arms, abs, shoulders, back, and legs all at once! You could sign up for a class and do it in a group or even do a quick session at home. Get a great instructor to motivate you and push you throughout the workout, definitely worth the experience! 


Frisbee is a sport that many have tried casually in high school or with their dogs at the park. It is a very intense cardio sport that really gets you going. If you like football or futsal, you should definitely try frisbee! It is basically football but with hands. It is a cool team sport that allows you to mingle with people and you'll be surprised at how big the frisbee community in Malaysia is. 

Bouldering/Rock Climbing


Rock climbing and bouldering has been gaining a lot of popularity in the recent years. A great way to get over your fear of heights and falling! Socializing and making friends at your local climbing gym like Camp5 or Bump Bouldering is easy, so if you're looking to meeting new people and a new sport definitely try this out!

Spin Classes

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This is not about outdoor cycling, we're talking about indoor cycling with a group of people! Under the guidance and hype from an instructor and amazing pumped up music for your ride, opt to join classes from gyms like Flycycle or Cycology! 


 Hiking is very trendy among Malaysians nowadays. Having many forests and parks around that allows trail hiking, we are very fortunate! It is usually a group activity, prepare yourself with hiking necessities like a good pair of shoes and cover up your skin in case of mosquitoes! You could start by hiking these popular hiking spots like Broga Hill, Mossy Forest, and Panorama Hill. 


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