Vegetables You Can Plant In An Apartment

Vegetables You Can Plant In An Apartment

If you're into planting or discovering you potential as a "plant mom", why not start planting vegetables at home? It saves you money from going to the supermarket to get your fresh vegetables and also you'll get the satisfaction of cooking your own home grown produce!

Spring Onion

Spring onions are a must in most households, and did you know that they are extremely easy to plant in a small space? All you need is a small pot with soil in it and place an onion into the soil. You will only need to water one inch of water per week, so it's actually a low maintenance plant! You could also cut the top of a plastic bottle and fill it with water and place an onion on top while letting the water touch the bottom of the onion. Let it be for a couple of weeks and see the results! 


Mint is also pretty easy to maintain indoors, all you need is a pot with good drainage and a good potting mix. You won't need to place mint under direct sunlight, indirect sunlight at about 18-21 degrees is sufficient. Just like spring onions, you could also plant mint in water and place it next to a window with sufficient sunlight.


Parsley is used in many dishes, so why not plant it yourself and get fresh from your balcony! Get a container with good drainage holes and add soil into it. Place seeds 1-2 inches apart and place it at the balcony if you have one or next to a window if you don't have one. 


There are a couple of different tomatoes that you could decide on, cherry tomatoes, slicers, and regular tomatoes. You'll need to consider the size of the full grown plant to select a container for your tomatoes, and also prepare to have supports for your plant like tomato cages or tomato ladders. Place your potted plant at the sunniest part of your house for sufficient sunlight, as insufficient sunlight may result to being weak and spindly. 


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