What Happens After You Don't Abide To The Movement Control Order (MCO)

What Happens After You Don't Abide To The Movement Control Order (MCO)

From working-class adults who works during the weekdays to the socialites who goes out to meet their friends during the weekends, many of the Malaysian's lifestyle has changed in light of the Movement Control Order (MCO). It is day 6 since the MCO had been implemented and it seems that many Malaysians are still getting used to the lifestyle changes of working/staying at home during this 2-week period.

The government had executed many rules for Malaysians to stay at home as many would know of the rules and regulations of the MCO. However, there are some Malaysians out there who may not fully understand the consequences that will be brought upon them if they do not abide to the rules of the MCO, and these actions will affect all Malaysians. As many of you would know, some of the consequences involves a fine up to RM300+ if found with more than 1 person travelling in a vehicles, being chased away by the police to go home, a possible jail time if you don't comply further, to name a few. However, have you ever wonder what would happen after you don't abide to the MCO? What are the other consequences that you and the rest of the Malaysians would have to endure? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

1) Potential extension of the Movement Control Order

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As many Malaysians are trying their best to stay at home, there are some Malaysians out there who are stubborn enough to go out without a valid reason. If this keeps up, there will be no significant drop to the number of COVID-19 cases that has been increasing on a daily basis. Many Malaysians out there are already doing their part by staying indoors, practicing social distancing, washing their hands thoroughly, staying at home/visiting hospitals if they are sick, to name a few. However, there are some stubborn Malaysians out there who do not understand the meaning of 'staying at home' and are still going out. So please, do your part and just stay home!

2) Lower productivity

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To some, it is a dream to work from home where you don't have to experience rush hour jams, arriving early to your workplace, being confined in the bullpen, and many more. At home, you can just wake up half an hour before you start work, walk 2 steps away from your station and just work accordingly in your pajamas. Sounds like the dream, ain't it? Sadly, it is not the same during these times. Yes, you may have the freedom to do whatever you want, but there are some limitations to working from home if you are working for companies that require you to be in the office for face-to-face interactions with you colleagues or your clients, making working from home a challenge to many.

3) Malls and eatery business sales will continue to drop drastically

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As the use of delivery apps increases, sales of physical retail outlets and eateries continues to drop down due to the restriction of going out in public to suppress the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Being confined at home and not being able to go out for 2 weeks doesn't sound too bad, but if the MCO extends its time-frame to a longer period, we fear that these businesses will suffer. The only best way to curb this issue is to encourage our users to start online shopping.

4) No bazaar

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With April approaching soon, so is the fasting month. There is something that we all Malaysians have in common, and that is the undying love for bazaars! We Malaysians love our food, and like all Malaysians, be it Malay, Chinese, Indian, to name a few. But, what if the implementation of the extension period of the MCO takes place? If we don't do our part by helping our country by staying at home, we won't be able to enjoy the little things in life, such as our yearly visits to the bazaar Ramadhan! 


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