Outdoor Exercises You Could Do In MCO Phase 5

Outdoor Exercises You Could Do In MCO Phase 5

We have now moved into Phase 5 of the conditional MCO, there are still orders that the public should comply to regardless of the changes in some of the rules to continue flattening the curve. Outdoor exercises that do not involve more than 4 people are allowed now, so here are a couple of activities you can enjoy outdoors during the MCO.

Outdoor Badminton

Badminton either consists of 2 people or maximum 4 players for a game, just make sure there isn't an audience watching. However, badminton can only be played outdoors during the MCO to avoid spreading the virus. Pull your sibling or parents to do a little workout with you by playing a round of badminton!


Just like badminton, tennis is a racket sport that requires a lot of cardio. It is a great way to sweat it out and get your blood pumping from just lounging around at home these past 2 months. The sport can be played with 2 or 4 players as well but do avoid crowds on the court.


Jogging is not a surprise to many, you could definitely stroll about your neighborhood or the park for a quick cardio relieve. It helps you release stress and lets you get some fresh air outside. The only thing you have to look out for is avoiding crowded areas and of course put on some sunblock to protect your skin!


Cycling is one of the safest choices to go with, as it is an individual exercise and allows you to maneuver around other cyclists quickly without staying in a crowd. It is also a cardio and stress reliever, so get your daily cardio in by cycling around the block! 


Golf is not for most people, but the government did mention that it is allowed as long as you don't travel on the course with more than 4 people. Other than being able to swing the golf club and get a shoulder exercise, you'll be walking a lot depending on the amount of holes you will be playing. 


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