What the MCO Has Taught All of Us

What the MCO Has Taught All of Us

There is a long list of things we definitely miss from being stuck at home during the MCO. We now appreciate the little things that we took for granted when we had more freedom, but we also learned a couple of lessons and new skills when cooped up at home.

Food Delivery is an Essential

Food delivery was always overlooked as an important service unless you're working in an office and is too busy to head out to "Tapau" some food for lunch. We would usually dine out at a restaurant/cafe to satisfy cravings, but little did we know that dining in would be our new norm because of the MCO. If you're able to, do tip your fellow food delivery person for their hard work delivering all day! 

Personal Hygiene is so Important

We're not talking about taking a shower or brushing your teeth, but more like keeping yourself clean when you're out. Now that the Covid-19 hit worldwide, everyone is encouraged to wash their hands more, sanitize after touching things outdoors, and also wear a mask if you are ill. We should be doing this on the daily even before this pandemic happened, but most people overlook this and pass germs around without caring about hygiene.

Anyone can learn how to use Technology

Parents and grandparents now realize that learning how to use technology isn't as hard as they thought. Everyone should keep updated with the usages of technology, especially for times like this where going out to socialize is prohibited. And now that you are currently stuck at home with elderly people, why not teach them a thing or two on how to function some apps and keep them busy!

Working from Home is Possible

A lot of changes has to be made during the MCO, especially working from home. Most companies were against working from home before the pandemic, but look how far we have come. It teaches us to be more flexible and not be so stuck on traditional 9-5 at the office sort of working schedule. It really shows that so much work can be done even from the comfort of your home without having to physically be at an office. Companies like Twitter might allow employees to work from home permanently even after the Covid-19 situation. Kudos! 


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