What You Should Do This Christmas For Your Community

What You Should Do This Christmas For Your Community

This year, Christmas will be so different from the previous years. And you guessed it, Covid-19 pandemic. Lots of small businesses, local stores, and even your own dearest friends might still be suffering losses because of this pandemic. Here's some things you could do to help these businesses stay afloat:

Buy Christmas Gifts From Local Businesses

This year it's all about helping each other. Just like Ryada, many local brands are suffering from losses so the best thing we could do is purchase our Christmas gifts for our friends and family from these local businesses! It is not only a gift for your friends and family, but also a gift to these small businesses! Search up on Google or social media for these local brands and start making your Christmas list!

Spread the Word

We are currently living in the social media age where everything travels quick with just a share. If you know any struggling local businesses, give them a shoutout on your social media or even group chats on Whatsapp to suggest to your family and friends to support them. This will definitely help boost the reach and hopefully sales for small local businesses.

Collab with Smaller Businesses

If you are fortunately working with bigger companies and more well-known brands, do reach out to these smaller local brands to collaborate on something that could help keep them afloat. Whether it's a small sale or campaign, it's always good to lend a helping hand to those in need!


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