Why HIIT Workouts Are Better Than Cardio

Why HIIT Workouts Are Better Than Cardio

When it comes to burning fats, cardio will always come to mind first because it has been engraved in all of us that one of the best ways to lose fats is cardio training. Cardio training are known to generally burn fats while lightly working on all your other muscles involved. Some form of exercises under cardio falls under running, swimming, jogging, cycling and so on. However, sometimes doing cardio workouts takes too long and it can be very boring doing the same routine over and over again. We feel you.

However, another known workout is proven to be better than the other, which is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Before we get into details, we would like to express that this is mainly our own opinion and we are not saying that you should not do cardio. We believe that there is a workout plan that caters to everybody and if HIIT is not your style, it is totally fine. If you are looking into burning fats quicker and build your endurance even faster, HIIT is something to consider.

The reason why we believe that HIIT workout is much better than cardio is because:-

Aerobic vs Anaerobic

According to ExperiencedLife.com, Steady-state cardio is catagorized as aerobic, which means that it relies on oxygen and it is fueled by stored fats. Fats are known to be your last resort for energy consumption and when it comes to workouts, you would want to focus on carbohydrates fueled workout, which is what HIIT workouts offer.

HIIT workouts is catagorized as anaerobic, which means that it relies lesser on oxygen and it is fueled by stored carbohydrates. When we workout in general, we need the energy to burn fats, and when it comes to exercising, we look into carbohydrate based diets to help fuel our energy and burn our fats more. 

Killing two birds with one stone

It is no surprised that when it comes to cardio and HIIT workouts, HIIT workouts are an all-rounder because not only that you get to burn more fats, but you can also build more muscles with the type of routines implemented in your workouts. Whereas, cardio workout is set to a specific type of movement that continuously goes on, which can be boring to some.

Time management

Cardio is also known for its time consuming workouts. In order to see significant workouts, you would need to commit yourself to a long cardio routine to burn xxx amount of calories. An average cardio workout can go from 30 mins to an hour. However, HIIT workouts are known to be shorter. Because of its intensity in different interval workout regimes, you get to do so much more with a short amount of time, provided that you fully commit to the routines implemented in each sets.


There you have it! Let us know what you think! Are you #TeamCardio or #TeamHIIT?

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