Will Things Go Back To Normal After The CMCO?

Will Things Go Back To Normal After The CMCO?

If you're laying down in bed thinking about the way the world use to be before the Covid-19 virus hit us then you might actually need to read this. Will things remain the same as before or will we be facing some new changes in our lifestyle?

The reality is, No, things will definitely change even after the CMCO is lifted.

Society's Mindset

Yes, most people would like things to go back to how it used to be. You could go out whenever and wherever without worrying about someone transmitting the virus to you or your family members. However, that is not the case right now. The world may not completely wipe the virus off the planet in just a year or two, it may linger around for a couple of years. Especially if a vaccine is not found to cure the Covid-19 patients. So mentally, we do have to change and evolve as time passes.

Work Style

More than half the people in the world started to work from home because of this pandemic, and most prefer to stay that way instead of heading to the office. Everyone's work style starts to change when you're stuck at home for a couple of months instead of travelling out for work. Some may say it developed a sort of laziness in people, but to an extent it has made us more efficient with our time. Working at home allows you to do other things in between work hours which drives you to efficiently finish your tasks. There are some companies who are starting to implement working from home even though the CMCO has been loosened. 

Hygiene and Cleanliness

As weird as it sounds, people are being more mindful about their cleanliness now even though this should be the case all the time. Washing hands more frequently, sanitizing whenever you're out and about and in contact with any items, wearing a mask to prevent spreading the virus or bacteria, and showering after heading out. We realize that previously we haven't been keeping our hygiene at an optimal level, always overlooking cleaning our hands or not wearing a mask whenever we are ill. It is a bothersome step, but a very good change for the world.


There are so much more pointers that we could list out but in the meantime, just a food for thought. 

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