Workout Outfits You Can Style Even At Home

Workout Outfits You Can Style Even At Home

Activewear are usually worn when you head out to exercise at the gym, workout classes, or just at the park for a casual walk. We are going to prove you wrong by introducing you to a couple of Ryada pieces that you can wear around your house and not look overdressed for the MCO!

INTIMATE - Sports Bra

Our best selling sports bra features 5 different colours with a cute zipper detail upfront to easily put on the top without struggling. Not only that, our sports bra is very sturdy with the support around the best area. The elastic band on the bottom is stretchable but not too tight to cause discomfort. Another cute feature of the sports bra is the racer back which shows off the back muscles, but the design is still kept modest as an inner wear for our Muslimah crowd. With the trending workout from home challenges, we find that most women are just lounging around in their sports bras and shorts/leggings so why not join the bandwagon with our extra comfy sports bra!

INTIMATE - Mysa Inner

The perfect top to wear around the house would be something light weight and ultra smooth on the skin for the comfort factor. Working out in our Mysa Inner will not even cause you to break a sweat from its airy fabric! It is usually worn as an inner piece to be layered on top of for our Muslimah crowd, but it is extremely comfortable to be worn on its own! Doing yoga or Pilates would be easy breezy in this soft and cooling top. The Mysa Inner comes in 2 colours, Beige and the classic Black!


The Adra top may not be long enough to cover your rear for the Muslimah crowd, but whilst at home you may just want a casual top that is still modest enough to cover the arms. Doing high intensity workout challenges at home is very suitable in this Adra top as it is absorbent towards sweat and has a cooling function with spotted holes on the back and arms to make sure sweat is aired out. It comes in 4 fun colours, allowing you to still feel stylish at home! The stretchy fabric is great for any stretching workouts as well, it isn't limited to any kinds of home workout!

FLEXI - Romp Pants

Our Romp Pants can be worn casually at home and lounge around if not working out to break a sweat. It is sporty and fun to be styled at home with a sports bra or a cute tee! The waist band is thick and high waisted to give a slimmer silhouette. The light weight material allows the fabric to be extremely breathable and cooling even with its cargo pants design. Online Zumba classes or body weight training will be perfect with this cute addition to your workout wardrobe!


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