Workout Week With Ryada

Workout Week With Ryada

Being cooped up at home can cause major stress on both the body and mind. We at Ryada encourages you to join in our 1 week workout challenge that will help you ease those frustrations! Nominate friends to do daily challenges with you. friends who workout together, stay together!

Day 1

Day 1 features more for the lower body, working out the glutes, thighs, and also the abs. Remember to watch your form especially for lunges and squats, your knees should not cross your toes to avoid knee injuries! 

Day 2

Day 2 we kick it up a notch and go a little more hardcore. They are a mixture of workout that works different parts of the body, letting you train endurance and also get the blood pumping!

Day 3

In Day 3's challenge, we feature more ab workouts. Working the upper and lower abdominal muscle while strengthening the oblique with side planks. Push ups also help with the abs, so remember not to arch the back to avoid backache! 

Day 4

Day 4 is a cluster of high intensity workouts to let you sweat it out! We usually do not require any equipment for the workouts, but with the dips you will need either a staircase or chair. 

Day 5

Day 5 we train endurance with the wall sit, sit ups, and push ups! They are not particularly tiring but great for overall body muscle strengthening. Don't give up yet, you've got 2 more days to go!

Day 6

In Day 6, we use mostly our body weight as a workout. Do not underestimate carrying your own weight! If you're trying to work on your figure to slim down rather than build muscle mass, do more reps within a set without adding any weights.

Day 7

You would think that the last day should be the most hardcore, but we just added in our personal favourite workouts in Day 7. Finish this up and you've accomplished the Ryada 7 Day Workout Challenge!


Let us know which challenge was your favourite and which day was the most gruesome! If you would like more challenges, subscribe to our newsletter and stay updated with us!

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