Yoga Poses That Help Destress

Yoga Poses That Help Destress

Happy Baby Pose

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Lie facing up and bend both of  your knees with your feet laid flat on the floor. You should then lift your feet off the floor while grabbing the edges of your feet with your hands. Follow up by gently pulling your feet towards your chest and let your knees lower towards the floor on both sides of your body. Do note that your back has to be flat on the floor to avoid hurting or straining the back. Take 5 slow breaths and hold in that position. Repeat this for 5 more times.

Standing Forward Bend

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When in this pose, use your front thigh muscles to pull your kneecaps up towards your hips. Interlace your fingers behind your back and lift your arms away from your back as much as you can. Hold for 5 slow breaths and change the interlace with your other index finger on top and stay for another 5 breaths. This pose helps by increasing exhalation, relieve stress, release shoulder tension, and hamstrings!

Rabbit Pose

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Also known as the Sasangasana, this pose is best for when you are stressed, exhausted, or going through a panic attack. Start by getting into Child’s pose and interlace your fingers behind your back and lifting your hips, continue by rolling to the crown of you head. Press the top of your feet down into the floor to control the amount of weight that goes to your head. Change the interlace of your fingers each time you get back up and lower down and create rhythm with your breath and movement.

Side Stretch

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The side stretch is the easiest pose, while being able to take away stress on the shoulders, head, and neck. Start by sitting on your legs in a knelt down position. Take one hand to the floor and walk it away from your body. Drop your head to the ear and your other arm over your head. Repeat this on the other side as well!

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